Low Maintenance Vacation Hair

Low maintenance vacation hair was the topic over at Little Boogaweezin last week, did you happen to catch it?  Talking about keeping my hair super low maintenance when I’m on vacation is an important topic for me because I like to spend my travel time enjoying where I am and not in the bathroom styling my hair!  I also find that I laze by the pool until the last possible second which leaves little time to primp before racing to a dinner reservation!!!


I hope you’ll click through and have a peek!  And it would be fantastic if you would let me know in the comments what you do with your hair when you’re on vacation!  Do you spend a lot of time styling or do you keep it simple too?

::Transformation Tuesday:: Hot Heads Hair Extensions

I just love a huge change and nothing is more exciting than a client ready to go for it!  This client took a risk and ended up with a shorter cut that she wasn’t digging.  When I met her she was really missing her long hair so we decided to order her some Hot Heads Hair Extensions and make it long again.  She is loving her longer, thicker locks!


Have you ever worn hair extensions after regretting a new hair cut?

My Hot Heads Demo and Giveaway Was A Blast!

On Sunday I hosted a really fun event at Tek Salon where I work.  I planned a morning with mimosas and pastries to talk about why Hot Heads are my favorite (and only) method of hair extensions and how quickly I can transform someones look using them.  I had great raffle prizes including product from Schwartzkopf, Kevin Murphy and Hot Heads as well as the cutest clutch and gift certificate from La Bella boutique in Belmont Shores.  One lucky lady even won a full head of Hot Heads hair extensions!  I’ll post before and after photos of her in a couple of weeks.


Ladies sipped mimosas while I added 14-16″ of brown and blonde Hot Heads to Nicole’s hair.  She wanted her hair to be a bit longer with more volume and since we worked with 3 colors I was also able to add more depth and dimension.  She has been craving brighter blonde and her own hair can’t take any more bleach so I used brighter blonde in the front.  She’s thrilled with her new look!


My second model was my sweet assistant Erin who has been with out extensions since October.  She’s been dying for new hair but promised to wait for this event!  Erin wanted her locks way longer and way blonder!  We used 18-20″ extensions in the new “rooted” version.  These are great because with Erin’s darker base the tapes don’t show at all and her ends are much lighter.  Instant ombre’!!!



We had such a great morning that I’m looking forward to holding this event again.  If you think you would like to hear more about Hot Heads and why they’re my favorite please leave your email in the comments so I can make sure to invite you!

Oh! I almost forgot… I also offered special pricing and a payment plan at the event. If you would like to take advantage please email me for details and to schedule a consultation! Offer ends January 31, 2014




The Perfect Natural Blonde

Let’s face it, few of us are blessed with the perfect natural blonde hair.  In Newport Beach, California, where I do hair, natural blonde highlights are the most requested color.  (God bless the handful of brunettes that add a little variety to my day!)

One of my biggest hair color pet peeves is over processed blondes.  I like to think my color specialty is bringing “blonderexics” back to a more natural, easier to maintain blonde that doesn’t scream “I did this myself at home!!!”

Here is a before and after shot of one of my favorite and sweetest clients.  She has been doing her own blonde at home to save time and money.  I get it, I know getting your color done can be a big expense! With her baby girl due in a few weeks, she was ready to get back to a more natural blonde that she can maintain with visits to the salon every couple of months rather than doing her base every 4 weeks at home.


If you have been suffering from blonderexia, here’s what you should tell your stylist to get back to a more natural perfect blonde:

1.  I don’t want my natural base lightened. (Unless you’re natural base is a level 6 or darker, then ask your stylist to lighten it up to a level 7.  No lighter!)

2.  I want to be highlighted and LOWLIGHTED!  Ask that lowlights are the same level and tone as your natural (or slightly lightened) base.

3.  If you’re super blonde, like my client, you need more lowlights than highlights.

4.  Stress to your stylist that your goal is to get back to a more natural blonde so ask that foils not be placed really close together.  You want some natural to start coming in, this is what adds depth and dimension.


Tell me… What do you think of this change?  Do you like a more natural looking blonde?

Holiday Hair For Every Girl

Holiday Hair For Every Girl

I recently taped a segment for Fox 5 San Diego morning news where I talked about holiday hair for every girl.  You can watch it right here!

I wanted to show you my gorgeous models and tell you how you can do these easy hair styles at home!

The Edgy Girl

1.  Start with freshly washed hair and apply a light hold styling product.  I like Gel Serum by Oribe.

2. Using a comb, create a severe side part on one side of your head.

3. Blow out the hair smooth with a large round brush.  I wanted a lot of volume on the top of the head and actually used a clip in hair piece by Tress Couture for more!

4. When the hair is dry, back comb the top of the hair for volume and to create direction.  You want to accentuate the deep side part.

5. Using all of the hair on the side of the head below the part, begin a french braid toward the back of the head.

6. As soon as you pass the ear stop picking up hair and finish the section with a classic braid.  Secure with a hair elastic.

7. Using a finger, create a part just above the ear on the heavy side of your hair.  Hold the hair up and wrap the braided end around your head and secure with bobby pins above your ear.

8. Drop the heavy side of the hair down to cover where you secured the tail of the braid.  The braid can show all the way around the back of your head or you can place it under the top layer of hair as soon as the french braid ends.

9. Set the style with a strong hold hairspray.


The Girly Girl

1. This works great on dirty hair!  Loosely curl the hair with a wand or wrap hair around the barrel of a curling iron without opening the clamp.

2. Work your fingers through the curls to break them up and create texture.

3. Bring all of your hair over one shoulder and secure with a hair elastic.  I like to use bungees so I don’t disturb the curls!

4. Wrap a small piece of the ponytail hair around the hair elastic and secure with a bobby pin.  This makes it look more finished.

5. Lightly mist with hairspray to finish the look!

Erin is wearing a Le Debut clip in bang by Tress Couture in #4.  It makes her look even more girly and she didn’t have to commit to real bangs!


The Classic Girl

1. Another look that is perfect for dirty hair!  Pull all of the hair into a smooth, tight ponytail using a bungee.

2. Cut the toe out of an athletic sock, preferably in a color close to your hair color.

3. Starting at the toe end of the sock, roll it until it resembles the shape of a doughnut.

4. Pull the ponytail through the middle of the sock doughnut.

5. Starting at the end of the ponytail, roll the sock down towards the head allowing the ponytail hair to wrap around the sock.

6. When the doughnut is rolled all the way to your head, look in the mirror to make sure the sock is completely covered with hair.  You may need to adjust the hair by pushing it toward the uncovered parts of the sock.

7. Secure the bun to your head with a few bobby pins.

8. Finish off the look by spraying down any fly aways with hairspray and tying a ribbon around the base of the bun.

If you don’t want to use a sock, you can purchase a professional hair doughnut right here!

The Bohemian Girl

1. Best on dirty hair!  Using a wand or curling iron (don’t use the clamp) create waves in the hair beginning in the nape.  The trick to getting waves and not curls is to hold the iron horizontally and wrap horizontal sections of hair around the barrel.

2. Work your way up the head.  I like to spray each section with Soft Lacquer by Oribe before curling to protect and hold.

3. Make sure to part your hair in the center when you get to the top section.

4. I finished off the look with a necklace by Saint Vintage for extra flair.  Please check out Saint Vintage jewelry!  It is so beautiful and they will be donating 100% of their proceeds to Stand Up To Cancer through Monday 12/17/12 when you order online with the code: LOVE


Let me know which girl you are and if you think you’ll be trying out one of these styles for the Holidays!


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