Always In My Bag

These are the things that are ALWAYS in my bag. The bag changes periodically, this one is Alexander Wang, but these are the necessities that I don’t leave the house without! I’ve taken close ups of the hard to see items because maybe you can’t live with out them either! I keep my iPhone in a Life Proof case because I have 3 kids and frankly I’m pretty clumsy too. My keys and Stella and Dot wallet are both on wrist straps, I have a bad habit of leaving the bag in the car and grabbing the bare essentials to run quick errands. I keep my business cards in this cute leather pouch by Rebecca Minkoff. Minimal makeup is my daily jam so I just throw the gloss of the day and Epicuren lip balm in an outside pocket so it’s easy to grab. Do you know about Do Terra essential oils? I’m completely obsessed and have been curing every ailment my family can concoct for the past several months. Favorites for the road are Clary Calm Women’s blend which seriously calms my ass down. Past Tense is awesome for headaches and has saved my son from migraines. On Guard and Peppermint Beadlets for protection from airborne germs and fantastic breath respectively. These IVI shades are my fave at the moment. I own several pairs but these offer great coverage, are light and comfortable.inmybag


What is always in your bag?  Do we share any favorites?


Valentines Day Gifts I Would Love To Receive

My Hot Heads Demo and Giveaway Was A Blast!

On Sunday I hosted a really fun event at Tek Salon where I work.  I planned a morning with mimosas and pastries to talk about why Hot Heads are my favorite (and only) method of hair extensions and how quickly I can transform someones look using them.  I had great raffle prizes including product from Schwartzkopf, Kevin Murphy and Hot Heads as well as the cutest clutch and gift certificate from La Bella boutique in Belmont Shores.  One lucky lady even won a full head of Hot Heads hair extensions!  I’ll post before and after photos of her in a couple of weeks.


Ladies sipped mimosas while I added 14-16″ of brown and blonde Hot Heads to Nicole’s hair.  She wanted her hair to be a bit longer with more volume and since we worked with 3 colors I was also able to add more depth and dimension.  She has been craving brighter blonde and her own hair can’t take any more bleach so I used brighter blonde in the front.  She’s thrilled with her new look!


My second model was my sweet assistant Erin who has been with out extensions since October.  She’s been dying for new hair but promised to wait for this event!  Erin wanted her locks way longer and way blonder!  We used 18-20″ extensions in the new “rooted” version.  These are great because with Erin’s darker base the tapes don’t show at all and her ends are much lighter.  Instant ombre’!!!



We had such a great morning that I’m looking forward to holding this event again.  If you think you would like to hear more about Hot Heads and why they’re my favorite please leave your email in the comments so I can make sure to invite you!

Oh! I almost forgot… I also offered special pricing and a payment plan at the event. If you would like to take advantage please email me for details and to schedule a consultation! Offer ends January 31, 2014




Hot Heads Hair Extentions Demo and Giveaway

Hi Friends!

I wanted to make sure that you know I have a really fun event coming up in January that you won’t want to miss if you’ve ever thought about hair extensions!

It recently dawned on me that a lot more women would wear Hot Heads if they were fully informed on the method, how they are applied and why they’re my favorite! (It’s because they’re the only non-damaging method I’ve ever seen!)

You’ll get to watch me apply extensions on 2 very different models and enter a raffle for some great giveaways including a full head of Hot Heads (for new clients only) as well as product and goodies for clients already wearing Hot Heads! We’ll drink mimosas and have a really fun morning together!

Check out the invitation below and please RSVP if you plan to attend!
Hope to see you there!



BTW- I was just featured as the stylist of the month on The Hot Heads Blog!!!!  I’m so honored and excited to be recognized by my favorite extension brand.  I hope you’ll mosey over to read what I have to say about Hot Heads over there!







My Favorite Gifts For Your Guy

My Favorite Gifts For The Beach Lover

My Favorite Gifts For The Beauty Lover

Why I Love IPL or Photo Facials

IPL or Photo Facials are one of my favorite skin treatments for a few reasons. Here’s the story, I’m turning 40 in less than a month people. (Cue tears, anxiety and Zoloft!) I have had several IPL’s over the last few years and they have really helped keep my fine lines and especially brown spots in check. I live in Southern California and spend a ridiculous amount of time in the sun. I’ve been told some of my brown spots are sun damage (the freckles) and some is Melasma (the larger brown patches) which is caused by hormones. Luckily the IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a laser that reduces and can eradicate them all together when done in a series.

Getting an IPL isn’t painful, just a little uncomfortable.  You can arrive to the appointment 30 minutes early if you would like to have a numbing cream applied before your treatment.  I skip this step because I’m usually running late and I can tolerate the treatment pretty well.  Each pulse of the laser feels like a rubber band snapping on your skin, the most sensitive areas are around the nose and lips.

First the nurse applies a clear gel to your entire face and then begins the treatment.  It only takes 10-15 minutes for her to complete the service.  I always complain about the very dark brown patch on my left cheek so Francine went over that a couple of times.  Immediately after the treatment, my face felt really hot.  This lasted for about an hour.

When I looked in the mirror in my car it looked like I had been punched in the face!!!  The brown spot on my left cheek was darker and purplish.  I knew that was a good thing because it would darken and eventually slough off!

After about 24 hours, all of the brown spots on my face had darkened up and felt a bit rough and scabby.  I kept my skin super moisturized and waited for the end result…

It took a good 7-10 days before I saw the final result of my IPL treatment and I am thrilled.  My brown patch is almost undetectable and my skin is super fresh and glowy looking.  Francine told me I would see about an 80% improvement and I think she was spot on!

Now that my skin is looking so much better I will be maintaining it with great skin care products and lots of sunscreen.  I find myself driving with one hand over the left side of my face now for extra protection!!!

Here are before, during and after pics:


Watch this video to see me getting my latest treatment and a little Q & A with Francine:

If you’re in the Orange County area, I highly recommend Francine at Live Gorgeous OC for all of your laser needs!  Right now Francine is offering new patients their first IPL for $150 and a series of 5 for $700.



Live Gorgeous OC
Francine Oca, RN
1303 Avocado Ave. Suite 245
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Products That Won’t Fade Hair Color


Shop the post…

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Style Ambassador photo of Tera Stephens and Harper Stephens

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