Transformation Tuesday: Bouncy Bob

Natalie is a long time friend and was ready for a change.  I caught a little poll she was taking on Facebook about whether she should cut her hair or not and my vote was YES!  I looked forward to her arrival all day because I knew this cut would be great for her texture and lifestyle.  She is a fantastic wedding and family photographer, check her work out!



Wondering how to style this cut?  Natalie has great natural texture so I encouraged that with Oribe Sculpting Cream and a diffuser.  When her hair was totally dry I used my 25mm (3/4″)  Enzo Milano curling iron to curl just the very top section of her hair to give it a smoother finish.  A little note about my favorite curling iron,  if you want a looser curl or wave wrap a thicker section of hair and less hair for a tighter curl or wave.  This is truly the only iron I use in the salon.

Are you planning a new cut or color for the Spring?  Tell me all about it in the comments!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I love this transformation! She is so beautiful, both before and after, but the after photo is so fresh and young!

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