The Perfect Natural Blonde

Let’s face it, few of us are blessed with the perfect natural blonde hair.  In Newport Beach, California, where I do hair, natural blonde highlights are the most requested color.  (God bless the handful of brunettes that add a little variety to my day!)

One of my biggest hair color pet peeves is over processed blondes.  I like to think my color specialty is bringing “blonderexics” back to a more natural, easier to maintain blonde that doesn’t scream “I did this myself at home!!!”

Here is a before and after shot of one of my favorite and sweetest clients.  She has been doing her own blonde at home to save time and money.  I get it, I know getting your color done can be a big expense! With her baby girl due in a few weeks, she was ready to get back to a more natural blonde that she can maintain with visits to the salon every couple of months rather than doing her base every 4 weeks at home.


If you have been suffering from blonderexia, here’s what you should tell your stylist to get back to a more natural perfect blonde:

1.  I don’t want my natural base lightened. (Unless you’re natural base is a level 6 or darker, then ask your stylist to lighten it up to a level 7.  No lighter!)

2.  I want to be highlighted and LOWLIGHTED!  Ask that lowlights are the same level and tone as your natural (or slightly lightened) base.

3.  If you’re super blonde, like my client, you need more lowlights than highlights.

4.  Stress to your stylist that your goal is to get back to a more natural blonde so ask that foils not be placed really close together.  You want some natural to start coming in, this is what adds depth and dimension.


Tell me… What do you think of this change?  Do you like a more natural looking blonde?

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  1. Love it! She went from harsh to soft. She’s such a beauty, and her after hair is so pretty.

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