Make Your Own Hair Ties

Have you seen Emi-Jay hair ties?  They are my absolute favorite!  They don’t bend, break, tear or snag the hair and are super cute.  My friend Sarah at Whoorl just spoke about them right here.

Did you know they are super inexpensive and easy to make?

About a month ago I was checking out the daily plum on Pick Your Plum, a daily crafters dream, and they were selling 12 yards of Halloween colored elastic for $3.  I thought the colors were great and ordered it not really knowing what I would do with it.  It arrived and I realized it was a similar material that my favorite hair ties were made of.  SCORE!  Enough elastic to make 48 hair ties for $3!!!

Then I was shopping for some fabric at my favorite fabric shop (Jenny’s Fabrics at 8984 Warner Ave. Fountain Valley CA 92708) and saw several more colors for .97 a yard.  OMG!!!

Tonight I sat down to make the ties and thought I would share how incredibly easy it is…

1.  Gather your supplies.  You need a ruler, scissors and colored elastic.

2. Cut the elastic.  For hair ties cut to 8 3/4″ and for head bands 22 inches.  A yard is enough elastic to make 4 hair ties.

3. With the shiny side facing out, tie the ends in a knot.

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"]


4. Tie back your fabulous hair.


5.  Or wear them as bracelets until you’re ready to tie back your fabulous hair!

Wouldn’t it be fun to have some hair ties of your own?!

I’m giving away 9 hair ties, one of each color, made by moi!

To enter, tell me which color is your favorite in the comments below.

Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for 2 more entries and let me know you did so in the comments.

I will use to choose a winner on Friday 11.11.11. at 11:11 pm.

That’s super good luck! I hope you win!


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  1. Yea!! This is a project we will take on, for sure! NEVER can have enough hair ties and headbands in this house o’ thick hair!!

  2. What a cute idea I’m making myself some today! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Tough to pick a favorite color. It’s a toss up between the black and the turquoise.

  4. I follow you on Twitter @bchbby

  5. Didn’t know you had a Facebook page to “like” … but I do now … and I “liked” it! :)

  6. Very cute….I’m diggin’ the black hair tie. :)

  7. I’m loving all the colors! With three girls at my house, I can’t go wrong with PINK!

  8. Liking them all! With 3 girls at my house, I can’t go wrong with PINK!

  9. LOVE the turquoise!

  10. I “like” you on FB :)

  11. Following you on Twitter: @giannamarie

  12. Super cute. My little girl would love them.

  13. These are super cute!

  14. How fun! What a great idea!! And I’m sure little girls would love to make their own too :-) Thanks for the tutorial! And I love that you’re giving some away…count me as entered!

  15. I love these! Who knew they were so easy and inexpensive to make…I just bought some for $2.00 each! eek! I think my favorite color is the pink because my daughter would just love that one. :)

  16. kim breeding says:

    Love these hair ties! All the colors are so fun but i love the turquoise!! Gimme!!!

  17. Love the black and the pink stripe (like peppermint)

  18. So cute!! Love the hair ties!! I love the colors; so fun! But black is more practical for me, especially since I would wear it around my wrist!!

  19. Alyssa Holman says:

    I liked you on facebook :) and purple is my favorite color!!

  20. I really love the turquoise color. I think it would look great in my dark hair! Such a great diy!

  21. I love the purple one!

  22. I follow you on Twitter.

  23. Love the green!

  24. i follow you on twitter and facebook. pick me! pick me!

  25. Well, I don’t have any hair left (WEEP!) but my daughter sure has a lot and she’d look super cute with these in her hair. Fun giveaway, Tera! I love that you made these! Go girl!

  26. I like the darker pink ones. These look so easy to make! I go through elastic bands like crazy. I don’t think I would lose these are quickly.

  27. I already follow you on twitter :)

  28. I didnt know you had a FB either! Liked ya

  29. How fabulous! I particularly like the bright pink.

  30. i love the black! boring, right? i also like the dark green a lot…

  31. Followed you on FB and Twitter! I’m diggin’ the purple and the teal hair ties. Thanks for the tutorial!

  32. Jessie Briggs says:

    You know how much I love ponytails, so these are a must! I love the black and pink ones

  33. Jessie Briggs says:

    You know how I feel about ponytails, these are a must have! I love the black and bright pink ones!

  34. Nikki Armstrong says:

    I love purple and black is a close second. Miss you and Cali:)

  35. This comment is for @hippobrigade who can’t comment from her phone! Knowing her, she would wear all 9 hair ties at once!

  36. where do u get the fabric to make them online?

  37. Hi Mary! I googled colored elastic and several links came up!
    Try this one:–Many-Colors.htm

  38. any ideas on how long I’d need to make them for tiny kiddos? I’d like to make little bitty headbands and hair ties for the little ladies in my family (the pre-k set)

  39. The best way is to just measure their little bitty heads, but if you can’t, my 3yo wears the headbands I made. I would just deduct an inch. Remember they do stretch!!!

  40. is there any way to just buy a role of this elastic?
    and if so, what website?

  41. I haven’t searched for large quantities but maybe if you Google search it you will find it that way!

  42. Does Jenny’s fabric have a website?

  43. I like pink.

  44. Thank you for sharing! Saw them being sold for so much more. I always thought they were made of ribbon. I live right down the street from Jenny’s in FV. Thanks!

  45. So I got some at Jenny’s have made a few, but the ends are fraying, any suggestions?

    Thank you for posting this…. I am thinking I need a makeover!

  46. By the look of their store, my guess is no!

  47. Mine eventually fray too, but considering what they cost to make, I just toss em out and make more!

  48. Where else can u buy just the fabric to make your own besides your website above??

  49. where do you find the material to make these hair ties?

  50. Kelley Page says:

    Love them. Favorite color is the pink!!!!

  51. ABBY SHAINBERG says:

    Where do u get the material to make them??

  52. Mary Anne says:

    The teal/aqua color is beautiful.


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